5 Tips to get your Kids to Help Clean

If you haven’t hired a Phoenix area cleaning service to handle the housework for you, you may be looking for ways to get the family excited about cleaning.  Okay, maybe you will never get them excited about cleaning, but you can get them to do it anyway.  


Here are 3 tips to help you help them help you.  (Try saying that 5 times fast.)


Tip 1: One is the loneliest number.

No one wants to clean alone, especially when cleaning difficult rooms.  Assign teams of two to tackle rooms like the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Even if they are working in separate rooms, it usually helps if everyone is cleaning at the same time.  This means that no one feels like they are doing everything alone.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  


Tip 2: Put it in writing

As a parent, there will always be those times when you know that you’re talking, but nothing is registering in your child’s head.  Kind of like they can hear words coming out of your mouth, but it all just sounds like Charlie Brown’s mom mumbling incoherently.  Time to stop talking and put it in writing.  Create a chore chart with each child’s name on it and their daily tasks.  Once the task is completed they put a check mark by it so you can visually see what has been taken care of.  


Tip 3: Time flies when you’re having fun… cleaning.

Keep the motivation going with some awesome tunes.  Upbeat music is sure to put anyone in the cleaning mood, but you can also add a dash of extra motivation with a quick contest.  The first person to check off all of the tasks on cleaning day gets to pick the radio station for the next day, or gets to choose what they want for dinner the next night.


One easy thing you can do to keep your family motivated to clean is to let a Chandler maid service handle the deep cleaning.  Keeping their toys picked up doesn’t seem too bad when someone else tackles the dusting, bathrooms, and kitchen.  


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What’s your favorite tip for getting kids to help clean? Leave us a comment to let us know!



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