Clean Fail: The 4 Things You’re Forgetting in Phoenix

Maybe you feel like you do a fairly efficient job at keeping your abode clean—you wipe down the countertops, take care of the dishes and stay on top of the laundry. But cleaning professionals know that a quickie wipe down with a sponge or a fast session with a broom won’t cut it when it comes to deep cleaning.


There’s really no need to fear a more in-depth cleaning—it can be done with a little elbow grease and an all-purpose cleaner. Here are the places and spaces you’re probably neglecting that could you use a second inspection:


1.) Baseboards

Even cleaning gurus overlook this area of the home as it rarely becomes obvious that it needs a good clean, as it’s an area that is low to the ground and requires getting down to the floor. And due to the placement of baseboards, being low to the ground, this area often requires dusting. Make sure to dust regularly and use a damp cloth with a solution of warm water and dish soap to tackle grimy boards.


2.) Lampshades and Bulbs

Dust accumulates quickly on shades and the bulbs. Lampshades depending on type (fabric, plastic, etc.) have specific cleaning requirements. Many shades can be cleaned with a lint roller or a baby wipe.


3.) Back of Fridge

No one wants to spend time dragging a refrigerator away from its usual spot but it’s worth the effort. A few times a year, go the extra miles and remove the dust bunnies and accumulated dirt under the fridge. Wipe down the sides with a damp cloth and a pinch of dish soap and vacuum the floor or mop any remaining debris.


4.) Handles and Doorknobs

All those handles and doorknobs in the house become grime infested after regular touching. Tackle the microwave, fridge door and toilet handles with a once over with a disinfecting wipe.
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