Clean Up those Halloween Pranks and Mess in Phoenix

As Halloween fast approaches, it’s a time for ghouls, goblins and grime! While trick-or-treaters may be well-behaved angels, others might be crafty devils and leave you with a messy house of horrors. Cleaning up after being bombed by toilet paper rolls or eggs will be a lot easier if you’re armed with a little know-how.


Here are some sweet tricks for tackling Halloween messes and ghastly pranks:


A House or Yard Full of Toilet Paper

While not likely to happen, if you have a neighborhood of rebels or just a prankster kiddo, you may end up with a house teeming with TP. For a quick fix, try and remove toilet paper quickly as rain or sprinkler water will make it soggy and more difficult to manage. Next, use a rake to gather up all the stringy bits and pieces and use a leaf blower, if needed, to blast TP off of branches and bushes.


Makeup Madness

If you’re determined to dress up as Frankenstein this year or a family member decides they want to be a makeup-happy Kardashian, it’s best to be prepared for the fallout from cosmetic mess. Always blot makeup stains and never scrub or rub spots. Also, always test spots with a chosen cleaner before trying anything drastic.


Candle Wax

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate with candles, as it’s a dark and creepy way to commemorate the holiday. For removing wax, never try and lift it off carpet immediately and wait for cool wax before trying to loosen and jostle free with an old Popsicle stick or the back of a toothbrush.



Never blast a hose on egg splatter and never scrub. Instead, lightly spray or dip a brush into a bucket filled with warm water and dish soap to tackle the gunk of leftover eggs.  
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